Human rights in the city


The Department of Citizenship of Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain), hired the agency Baku Creativitat to present in a visual and attractive way a series of printed documents related to an international/global letter about ‘Human Rights in the City’. I was asked to produce a series of illustrations to help communicate all the important information to the local population.

Full illustration

General briefing

The illustration needed to: 1) Present specific details attached to the city of Terrassa, 2) Use different people with attention to gender and race equality, 3) Present different age groups, 4) Present different activities related to the points describe in the HR letter: artistic and cultural freedom, accessibility, common spaces, etc. Also, the characters needed to work independently, in order to use them isolated in specific printed applications. 

Some curiosities of the project...

Police officer

A police officer was designed and later discarded by the client due to the social perception of the local security forces.


The boy playing football was initially caucasian and later altered by the client to present some racial distinction. 


Initially, the couple’s design was slightly different. The client decided to discard some details like the girl’s earring and purse, and the boy's shirt and tie, in order to make them less stereotyped as a ‘white, straight couple’. Social ‘correction' was an important issue in the project...

Character set

Design approach

(Above: all the characters developed)—The general character design was based on simplified shapes, thick lines, softened edges and kind facial traits. A palette of yellows, oranges and ochers was used as a general background in order to let the characters be visible despite the amount of details and characters in a small space.

Alternative version

In a stage of the project the client was interested on testing a simplified version of the composition, using only 1-2 colors and a reduction of the general details degree. It was finally discarded.

Alternative version

In this version, the characters lost all facial traits and some details in their clothes, and everything was reduced to a green palette where creating the appropriate contrast was the key.

My tasks

1. Visual conceptualization
2. Illustrations

Tools used

• Pencil & paper
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop

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You can visit Baku’s website, creators of the global campaign containing all these illustrations.

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