About me

My name is Raúl Gil. I am a spanish illustrator and designer. I love cinema, literature, games and any medium in which images, words and/or interaction combine to tell stories. I feel comfortable making modest projects with extreme care and I like those ones where characters are particularly important.

Raúl Gil


I like to work on fresh, brave and somewhat crazy projects, although I enjoy any commission regardless of its nature. I am strongly interested in philosophy, folklore and science fiction. I also love video games and playful applications, especially if they carry with them some kind of educational purpose. User interface and user experience have been extremely important in my career.

Personal projects are indispensable for me, since I deeply value exploration and constant learning. You can contact me for any work inquiries. And if you want to know more about me, don’t forget to visit the Favourites section

Featured on

• Yorokobu Magazine (June 2017 issue)
• Infographical Illustration & Icon (BNN Japan, 2016)
• Laus Book (ADG–FAD, 2015)


I've focused most of my career on communication and visual design, helping build many brands and digital products, from conception to their full development. I’m currently focusing my dedication on illustration and narration. For eight years I wrote on ‘2Blck', a blog in which I came to write more than 500 posts related to art, design and technology. Currently, I write on Medium occasionally.


I'm used to work with young technology-based companies, but over the past 15 years I have worked for large and small clients in brand design, UI, UX, graphic design and illustration via several companies. Clients like Adobe, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Almirall, Camper, Deusto, Ikea, Gas Natural Fenosa, la Caixa, PwC, Promega, Racc or SAP. Always willing to work with great new clients!

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Design influences

Although I have always valued those designers who can reduce their projects to the simplest and most distilled possible expression, I especially admire those others who—while still providing a quality, honest and durable design—have been able to build up a brave, bold, powerful and innovative visual language over time. Designers like Vince Frost, Neville Brody, The Designers Republic, Build, Chipp Kidd, Spin, Toko or Me Company are usually in my mind.

Illustration preferences

My preferences are divided. On one hand, I like illustrations that tend to geometrization, simplicity and an economy of visual resources—as the result of my education as a graphic designer. On the other hand, I am strongly influenced by comic books, animation and video games. My work moves on a balance between both things, generating stylish illustrations using vibrant colors and charismatic characters that usually become the real protagonists in the whole.

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Quick facts about me

1. Father
2. Vegetarian
3. Taekwondo 4th Dan BB 
4. Born in Barcelona (Spain)
5. Can’t drive a car

Indispensable tools

1. Brain
2. Moleskine / iPad Pro  
3. Blue pencil / Apple Pencil
4. iMac
5. Adobe Illustrator


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